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Welcome to the Dustin Pritchard Real Estate Team. Get to know us a little better and see if we are we are a good fit for each other.

There's No I in Team... but there is ME

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Our Team Vision & Mission

Winning Together...

This is our Team's Core Philosophy but it's also our promise to the Sellers, Buyers, Vendors and Realtors that we serve. 

After all... buying and selling Real Estate is a Team Sport. When you hire a Realtor from the Dustin Pritchard Real Estate Team you are getting an EXPERIENCE, not just a Realtor. 

Our clients get the entire team. We all work together, share resources and back each other up while serving clients. Our mission is to deliver such an outstanding service experience that they are not only comfortable referring their friends and family... they become raving fans.

This philosophy allows us to deliver DECADES of Real Estate Experience with literally thousands of sales under our belts. We have specialists from a variety of demographics and property types. In fact, many of our clients love the experience so much they decide to get into the Real Estate industry themselves!

A team environment is one of the most powerful tools that a Realtor can use to build and grow a very successful business. While you serve buyers and sellers, our job is to serve YOU, the Realtor.

We provide our Realtors with leads and appointments, training, mentorship and administration support, along with a healthy team culture that amplifies your business fast.

We believe in eliminating all costs of doing business AND to collectively build a strong retirement income through stock ownership and revenue share.

Our Vision is to grow our team with passionate realtors that deliver a extreme level of competent service and client experiences throughout Southwestern Ontario… and beyond.

If you are looking for business partners that truly care about you and your growth, reach out to me and let chat.

About The Dustin Pritchard Real Estate Team Systems & Environment

The Team Environment

We meet as a team every week to help each other build our businesses. #WinningTogether


Team Systems

Virtual doesn't mean Impersonal



We help make YOU look amazing and get you the exposure your business needs... FREE


Virtual doesn't mean Impersonal

Working with Dustin

We help make YOU look amazing and get you the exposure your business needs... FREE

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- Dustin Pritchard

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My name is Dustin Pritchard and I am the founder of the Dustin Pritchard Real Estate Team. 

I come from an entrepreneurial family where I was always surrounded by a positive, motivated environment. My Sister and I were always taught that You are not "promotable" unless you are "replaceable". This philosophy of building strong businesses based on helping others succeed has been foundational to my career. (Thanks Mom & Dad)

I am a Serial Entrepreneur that has spent over 20 years building and managing high performance sales teams & companies. In fact, building & Training high performance Realtors & Sales Teams is my PASSION! I love finding energetic people and helping them achieve their version of Success by leveraging the power of a productive and profitable sales environment and one of the most powerful compensation plans ever offered Realtors.

Interested in learning more about how the Dustin Pritchard Real Estate Team can help you hit your business & life goals?


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