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"It's a business in a box & retirement plan built for and owned by Realtors." - Dustin Pritchard

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An Open Letter to Realtors

From the Desk of Dustin Pritchard

I had to start all over. In 2019 I sold my my brokerage... After years of outstanding growth with Over 1 Billion in Real Estate and thousands of homes sold, the business partnership fell apart. This was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was my baby, and the people in the company were my family. On top of that, I knew that I would have to start all over, from scratch. Blood, sweat, tears and 8 years of hard core hustle, gone. To say that 2019 was the hardest year of my entire life would be an understatement. But it was necessary.

No matter how hard it was, I knew that it was the only way to truly grow. The writing has been on the walls for years, virtual is where this industry is going. Dynamic business models are crushing old school brokerages. Agents now have the opportunity to own the brokerage they work at, get paid what they deserve and set themselves up for retirement... just by doing their day to day jobs of selling homes.

I am absolutely passionate about running high performance real estate teams and I truly LOVE our industry. BUT, one of the biggest limitations I believe organized real estate has is the imbalance between the owners of the brokerage and the agents. In many brokerages, agents are treated like cattle. Like a number on a balance sheet instead of the business partners they truly are.

I am on a mission to share the truth. That real FREEDOM is achievable in your life with the right business model and the right environment.

WHY PAY YOUR BROKER... when your company can pay you to work there? At the beginning of 2020, all I had was experience. I didn't have a brand, agents, a list, clients, leads, NOTHING. I started from absolute zero. Not only that, I was a complete unknown in the market. I had been the CEO of my brokerage and operated the entire company from behind the brand, the consumer didn't know me anymore.

I am sharing this because in 6 months, and during a global pandemic, I rebuilt my business from nothing into a rapidly growing 250k a year (profit) Team with self liquidating expenses. I am surrounded by some of the very best humans in our industry and have the opportunity to grow an empire with my friends inside the fastest growing real estate company in history. EVERY SINGLE one of the Realtors in my organization is on a mission to be paid to work at EXP by taking advantage of the most robust compensation structures I have ever seen.

If you want a Real Estate business that works harder for you than you do for it. A business where you work when you want, take as much time off as you like and get paid while you are away... we should talk.

The OLD SCHOOL models will always be there (maybe), but you'll never be able to turn back time to take advantage of an opportunity like this.


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